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August 1st 2020

Farindola, sat high on a rocky outcrop, is surrounded by lush green pastures near the Gran Sasso mountains. In August, it opens up its streets to music, dancing and a very special sheep’s cheese made by the local women in the area. Yes that’s right, just women.  This special pecorino cheese, known for its strong fragrance which is derived from the plants found in the pastures and in the fodder used to feed the sheep, is slightly piquant with sweet notes. It is such a special cheese here in Abruzzo that top chefs from around Italy are invited to create their own special dishes for you to try at the festival.


Jono and Fern love to scope out the best local food experiences in their region of Italy and this one is top notch. They will be your guides throughout the day, using their local knowledge of the area, giving you the ultimate Italian local cheese festival experience.


What to expect

  • 1 night accommodation

  • Transport to the festival

  • 1 chef special tasting supper

  • 4 Pecorino Tasting plates

  • Wine tasting with Fern

  • Optional dancing



  • Beautiful area with panoramic views from the town

  • Local artist paintings and ceramic openings

  • Tasting flight of pecorino cheese from new to aged


Prices from £125 per person